The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium’s newest exhibition is a complete mystery. Visitors to the exhibition will have to figure it out for themselves. Top Secret: License to Spy visitors will go undercover and enter a world of coded messages and satellite surveillance when they take on the role of a secret agent in the Museum & Aquarium’s latest feature exhibition.

Top Secret: License to Spy explores the science and technology of spying and espionage, including how to uncover a radio bug with an oscilloscope and using lasers to monitor conversations. Top Secret: License to Spy is an exhibit was designed and produced by Scitech of Perth, Austalia. The exhibit is toured by Imagine Exhibitions, Atlanta, GA. Scitech CEO Alan Brien says “The exhibition is designed to be used in a cooperative fashion to encourage group participation. Even James Bond needs the support of a ‘Q’ and a ‘M’ to fulfill his missions, and we look forward to welcoming plenty of ‘double 0’s’ in-training.” Visitors will gather the intelligence needed to achieve their mission by breaking codes, uncovering microdots, using spy satellites and creating elusive disguises. Kids and adults alike will be amazed by this behind the scenes glimpse of an undercover world that has been re-created with life-like sets and activities. Science has never been so….Top Secret.