Old Jail Museum

Historic Sites

Special programs not listed here may be made with prior arrangements from the museum education department. Please contact the museum education department at (563) 557-9545, ext. 213.

Old Jail Museum

Let your students unlock history at the Old Jail Museum. An exciting sound and light show starring "The Ghost of Patrick O'Connor" will capture your students' imagination. Then send them on an educational treasure hunt through the halls (and cells) of this 1857 jail house. Students will "break out" when they have gathered all the clues to attempt a successful escape.

(Group rates for ages 7-17 are $2.50 and adults $4.00 with a minimum of 15 per group.)

Mathias Ham House

All ages guided tours of the Mathias Ham House

Guided tours of the Mathias Ham House are offered to all students of all ages. (Students tour
this 1856 mansion to discover the life of early lead miner Mathias Ham, his wife
Zarelda, and their children.)

This tour can be taken separately or added to any of the other Mathias Ham House school programs for an extra $1.00 per person.

Pioneer Days - School Days in a one-room school (1st through 5th grade)

Discover what life was like as an early Dubuquer on the historic Mathias Ham House property. Learn how the pioneers managed to do everyday tasks such as laundry, grinding corn and making biscuits and candles.

Visit the one-room schoolhouse and explore Iowa's oldest building, an 1833 settler's log cabin.

Group rates for students ages 7-17 are $3.50 and adults $4.50. Groups are based on a 15 student minimum. One free adult for every 15 students. Add an extra $1.00 per person to take a guided tour of the Mathias Ham House Historic Site.