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This is a non-traditional 4H club hosted by and at the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium that will extend beyond the Wyoming Trip.  This travel experience is designed to introduce our club members to the wonders of the Mississippi River watershed by traveling to its most western edge, exploring the geology and other natural and cultural wonders along the way.  Club meetings will be a mixture of experiences at the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium and out and about around the tri-states.  The club will meet bi-weekly with a larger travel experience each summer.  The travel experience is an additional $299.00 charge beyond the club and 4H fees.

Want to know more about the Dubuque County 4-H Program?

Take a look at the 3 easy steps below! Our typical enrollment period is from September 16th through May 15th. Don’t worry, if you have missed the enrollment deadline for this year we can still get you enrolled so that you can fully participate for next year!

4-H is a Program offered for youth in the 4th – 12th grades. There is a separate “Clover Kids” Program for Children K-3. Click Here for more information.

1) Pick a Club You may choose a club based on location, age or special interest. If club leader information is not available from the club map, please contact the County Youth Coordinator. To see a map of 4-H clubs in Dubuque County along with meeting times and information Click Here.

If your youth is in grades K-3 they will need to join a Clover Kids club. Many of our 4-H clubs already have a Clover Kids club that they associate with. For more information contact the County Youth Coordinator or the club leader.

2) Register in 4-H Online. This database tells the club leader and the extension office who you are, where you live, and what your project interests are. Click Here!

3) Learn more about 4-H. Check out Dubuque County’s New Family Guide click here.

Whether you are a current 4H member or would like to become a 4H member we welcome you to register for this educational travel experience.

Follow the link above to the Iowa 4H log in page, if you are a current 4H family plesae enter your log in information at this time.  If you are a new 4H family please follow the directions in creating an account.

Once you have completed your new family registration or have logged in as a current family you will be taken to a page containing links to announcements and newsletters.  Please click on the tab labeled “continue to family”.

You are now on the member list page.  Here you will be able to select the family member you wish to register for this club and travel opportunity.

Once you have registered your family member you will be directed to a payment page.  ISU Extension and Outreach is in the process of adding online payment to their online registration system.  Your balance will read 0; however you will be invoiced the $30 dollar club fee as well as the $299 travel experience fee.

Once you have registered Jared McGovern for the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium will be get in touch with you and provide additional details.

If you have any questions please contact Jared McGovern at or by phone at 563-590-9545 ect. 215.