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Name Our Shark Pup

Name Our Shark Pup

Throughout the month of May, the River Museum is asking guests to help name its new Coral Catshark. This little lady hatched in our Conservation Lab at 2:07 p.m. on Friday, March 15, 2019 and is the first shark to hatch on our campus. At a time when shark populations worldwide are threatened due to human activities, this shark pup helps provide a message of hope as Association of Zoos and Aquarium facilities around the world continue to work to save shark species from extinction.


Means "happy" in Marshallese.
The River Museum engaged members of the Marshallese community in Dubuque and asked them to suggest a name for our Coral Catshark. Mõnõnõ means "happy" in Marshallese. The Marshall Islands are a group of low-lying islands in the Pacific Ocean near the equator. The Coral Catshark range extends into the shallow reefs near the islands. 



Reference to shark egg cases, also known as "mermaid's purses."
Although most sharks give birth to live pups, some species, including the Coral Catshark, hatch from egg cases. These cases are tough and leather-like and were nicknamed mermaid's purses when found ashore by sailors. 



Means "coral" in Hindi.
Coral Catsharks are found in the shallows of the coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific Ocean, where this language is commonly spoken. 


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