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Dubuque County Historical Society recognizes all homes as living museums and calls for home curators to share their collections on social media

The Dubuque County Historical Society (DCHS) and the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium (NMRMA) are inviting the local and extended community to participate in a digital collection of artifacts through social media.

On Monday, April 13, 2020, the DCHS will announce a social media call for artifacts and encourage individuals to share a photo of an artifact and its significance to their home museum, using #HomeMuseumCollections.

“As we continue to social distance and stay home, we hope this call for artifacts can inspire people to see their homes through the eyes of a curator and share stories that are meaningful to them,” shared Kurt Strand, President & CEO of the DCHS.

For 70 years, the DCHS has preserved the community’s shared history, through the collection of historic artifacts and stories. The process of accepting an artifact into any accredited museum begins with curators determining if the item meets a list of criteria including its significance to the organization’s mission. People around the world use a similar method everyday with the selection of items they keep within their homes.

“Often when people keep or display an item, whether a gift, an heirloom, a souvenir, or just a trinket, they usually do so because that item is significant to them. It creates historical significance to their personal life, like an artifact in their own home museum collection,” expressed Cristin Waterbury, Director of Curatorial Services at the DCHS.

#HomeMuseumCollections is an opportunity for DCHS to connect and share stories across communities and to reflect on the history communities create together.

“All of us collect meaningful artifacts that bring value to our lives. They might evoke a memory of a time or place in our past or a connection to a loved one. These items are important to us and our shared history. Every home is a living museum and we’re excited to help bring people’s collections and stories to light,” said Waterbury.  

All stories shared on social media using the #HomeMuseumCollections will be posted on the NMRMA website at