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Mediacom Arts & Culture grant program awards funding in support of “A Haunting on Lincoln Ave”

The Mediacom Arts & Culture grant program has awarded $2,400 in funding in support of “A Haunting on Lincoln Ave.” to be held at the Mathias Ham Historic Site on Oct. 19, 2019.

The Dubuque County Historical Society (DCHS) will present humanities content through demonstrations, living history, and interpretation of Victorian Halloween customs at the Ham Site. This themed, all-ages event will provide immersive experiences including hands-on activities, storytelling, games, a special guest speaker, and theatrical tours.

Activities and tours will be presented all day, along with special evening tours. Actors will bring Halloween to life through unique theatrical experiences in rooms along the tour. This project initiates interpretation as a key way to provide audiences of all ages with demonstrative learning and hands-on activities that explore the cultural heritage of early Iowans and elevates living history as an art form. Funding will support supplies/craft materials, marketing, and artistic services.

Since 2006, Mediacom has awarded 187 grants totaling $395,813 supporting performing arts, fine arts, cultural projects, and specialized arts experiences for youth.

DCHS’s mission is to inspire stewardship by creating educational experiences where history and rivers come alive, while advancing its vision to become the world’s leader in interpreting and protecting the life, history and culture of our rivers, creating more global, knowledgeable, and engaged citizens. For more information, visit