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Museum & Aquarium eliminates plastic straws

The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium announces it is no longer using single-use plastic straws. With this new initiative, the Museum & Aquarium hopes to further educate guests about the impact of plastics pollution on global waterways and aquatic life.

According to the United Nations, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Currently, there are an estimated 5 trillion plastic particles in the ocean. Wildlife mistake plastic items like straws as food. The ingestion of these plastics can cause serious injury or death to these animals.

“We recognize straws are just one piece of the problem; however, with Americans using more than 500 million straws daily, they add up,” stated head of the Museum & Aquarium’s Green Committee and Education Manager, Shaina Stewart.

As the Museum & Aquarium eliminates single-use plastic straws, Sippi the Otter, the Museum & Aquarium’s mascot, invites individuals and businesses in the community to #standwithsippi and eliminate single-use plastic straws in their own lives and businesses. The Museum & Aquarium will recognize businesses in the community that #standwithsippi on site, online, and through social media. 

For more information on this program, visit or call 563-557-9545 x208.

The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium is a member of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA). As a member, the institution believes it is their responsibility to create examples of conservation that raise public awareness, communicating messages effectively and responsibly, and generate excitement in visitors and program participants.