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DaVinci The Exhibition and Makers Faire unite

The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium will host its third annual Makers Faire on Saturday, June 9, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“This event showcases artisan craftsmanship and highlights an era of history before machines could mass produce what we needed. It’s fascinating to see the skill, time, and labor that go into each and every project,” said Wendy Scardino, director of marketing and communications at the Museum & Aquarium. “It’s also a wonderful tie-in with DaVinci The Exhibition. DaVinci was a true maker. His inventions may not have left the pages of his journals during his lifetime, but it’s amazing to see the recreations brought to life and understand that many of his concepts would only come to fruition hundreds of years later.”

Visitors will have an opportunity to participate in maker activities throughout the day, which include blacksmithing, iron smelting, upcycling projects, stained glass creation, metal crafting, rocket making, wood scrawl sawing, wood turning, butter and candle making, hanky doll making, lapidary (rock polishing), rope making, catfish and turtle net sewing, craft projects, pen making, fly tying, sun printing, button making, and more.

In tying the past with the present, visitors can also participate in a virtual reality experience in the Wetlab and experiment with the power of small solar cars, windmills and magnets. Within DaVinci The Exhibition, youth can draw their own Mona Lisa, build toothpick towers, test bridge building techniques, attempt to fly their own paper airplane or helicopter, and manipulate and move many of DaVinci’s inventions.

All Makers Faire activities are included with admission to both the Museum & Aquarium and DaVinci The Exhibition. For tickets, visit