Aquarium Information and Museum Manners


Thank you for scheduling your trip to the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium. This information has been presented to better help your students and chaperones prepare for their trip.

Arrival – Please try to arrive five to ten minutes before the scheduled start time of your program, if possible. If you arrive late, your activities will be adjusted to compensate, and the program will end at the scheduled time. Tours will not start early due to early arrivals.

Bags, Coats, and Sack Lunches – The museum does supply large laundry bins for coat, lunch, and backpack storage upon entering the museum. We ask that all valuables be left at home/school due to the fact that these storage bins are left unattended while the tour is in progress. We also request that no backpacks be carried on the tour.

Chaperones – Our adult to student ratio is 1:15. We ask that one adult in your group be designated for every 15 students for the purpose of supervision as well as safety. This program is directed at the students. Please allow the students to answer questions and participate in activities. Chaperones accompanying a group should remain with the students while touring the museum.

Conduct – Teachers and chaperones are responsible for the conduct of their students at all times. If an Educator from the museum has a problem with a student, the student will be sent to the Information Desk. The teacher/leader of the group will be paged and asked to assume responsibility for the disruptive student. While touring the museum, we recommend that the students be in small groups with at least one chaperone per group. Groups found to be improperly supervised will be asked to leave.

Dress – Some programs can occur both inside and outside. Make certain that all students and adults are properly dressed.

Location – The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium is located at 350 East Third Street in Dubuque, Iowa. Please contact us if you need directions to our location or instructions on where to park or drop off your group.

Manners – Represent your school in the best possible way; be on your best behavior! Stay with your group at all times. You don’t want to miss any of the fun!

Membership Information – Fieldtrips are a specialized program offered by the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium and are NOT a benefit of any membership package to the museum. Therefore, all students will have to pay the student cost of their trip. However, as a courtesy of the museum adult members of the museum will be allowed to use the family membership for their admittance. Adults are asked to please bring a photo ID with their membership.

Name Tags – We encourage the use of name tags for the students. First names only please.

Special Needs – If you have students with special needs please let us know. We will be happy to adjust the programming accordingly.

Download a printable version of these guidelines.