Tour Options

A Self-guided experience of the Museum & Aquarium.

$8.00 per student

$12.50 per adult

Base admission is $7.00 per student and $11.50 per adult. Each tour option has an additional fee for the tour guide listed below.

There is a minimum of 15 students to receive the group rate and one chaperone or teacher is required to accompany each group of 15 students. One chaperone or teacher is admitted free for every 15 students – additional adults are charged the reduced adult admission rate.

  • Option #1 

    Two hour “On the Surface Tour”

    Includes guided experience of the Mississippi River Center and the National River Center.

    Additional $2.00 per student

  • Option #2 

    Three hour “In-depth” tour

    Guided experience tour of the inside and outside* areas of the museum campus including the William M. Black dredgeboat.

    *In the event of inclement weather, the outdoor portion will be substituted with other pre-determined exhibits.

    Additional $3.00 per student

  • Option #3 

    Three hour “In-depth” tour

    Guided experience of the Mississippi River Center and National River Center.

    Additional $3.00 per student

$11 per person

Rate is for teachers/chaperones and students and is a self- guided tour. Guided tours or special programs may be added upon request and may be added for an additional fee.

Field Trip 1

Field Trip 2

Additional Experiences

Expand your group’s experience on specific themes. Programs will be billed at a flat fee of $35 per program with a maximum of 25 students plus $1.25 for each additional student.  Some programs are limited to a maximum number of students. Groups larger than the program maximum will be split up and an additional program session will be added to accommodate the number of students. .

See available programs.

Let students bring home a keepsake from the Museum & Aquarium! Bring your group in for individual shopping or the Museum Store also offers gift bags for a pre-determined amount.

Your group is welcome to bring sack lunches during your visit. We have several designated areas that we schedule for your group and usually require about ½ hour time frame. Also, have lunch in our River’s Edge Café! We offer three student combo meals and more! (Call 563.557.9545 or 800.226.3369 for details)

Available at the National River Center, The new immersion theater presents large-format 3D sights and 4D special effects including dramatic sound, wind, mist, seat movement, and smells of the on-screen action. The films vary in length add additional time to any tours. Available for the rate of $2.00 per person with the minimum of 15 students.

See current films and showtimes.