10:30 AM Paddlefish Feeding
See the amazing way these fish filter their food from the water!
Paddlefish Exhibit, Woodward Discovery Center, First Floor Mississippi River Center Building

11:30 AM Creature Feature (Weekends Only)
Meet one of our exciting Museum & Aquarium animals!
Backwater Marsh, First Floor of the Mississippi River Center building or on the Woodward Boardwalk when weather permits

12:30 PM Calliope Demonstration
Hear its characteristic music and learn about its unique history!
Woodward Boardwalk, outside the Mississippi River Center building *weather dependent*

*All Times Subject to Change.

1:30 PM Creature Feature
Meet one of our exciting Museum & Aquarium animals!
Backwater Marsh, First Floor of the Mississippi River Center building

2:30 PM Stingray Feeding
Up to 10 guests are invited to participate in this interactive feeding daily. Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis at the box office.
Down in the Delta, First Floor of the National River Center Building

William M. Black Historic Landmark
The boat is open daily from 10am to 5pm through October. Beginning in November, the boat is open weekends with guided tour only. The boat closes December 3 through mid-March. Due to the historic nature of the boat, only the first floor is wheelchair and stroller accessible. Access to the boat may be subject to change depending on inclement weather.