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Historic Site FAQ

Historic Site FAQ

Is the Mathias Ham Historic Site wheelchair accessible?

Yes and no. The grounds are wheelchair accessible. Unfortunately, only the gift store and first floor of the Mathias Ham House are accessible for wheelchairs. 

Does the site discuss the history and manufacturing of ham? Can I buy a ham? How do you reheat a cooked ham?

Haha, no. Seriously, no. And bake at 325°F until internal temperature reads 140°F for USDA inspected cooked hams and all others at 165° according to USDA Ham & Food Safety. Can you tell we actually get this question a lot?

Can I tour the Mathias Ham Historic Site with a stroller?

You can try. The grounds are stroller friendly. The Mathias Ham House is a historic house museum and not designed for stroller use. Please consider leaving strollers behind. Visitors also have the option of checking their strollers at the main entrance to the mansion, but please remember the museum cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Can I take photographs or film at the Mathias Ham Historic Site?

Visitors are welcome to take photographs of the exterior of the house, and anywhere on the grounds. Within the Mathias Ham House, photos will be limited to designated photo spots.

Visitors seeking to use the Humke School House as a backdrop or “set” for portraits, artistic photography, or a film must submit a commercial photography request. All requests are subject to approval, include facility rental fees and must take place during specified hours.

Is the Mathias Ham Historic Site haunted?

What do you think? 

And before you ask, at this time the Dubuque County Historical Society does not allow paranormal investigators on the site, but we appreciate your interest!