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Award Winners

Achievement Award Winners

The National Achievement Award is the highest honor presented by the National Rivers Hall of Fame to those people who are making significant contributions to America’s waterways. The National Rivers Hall of Fame with members in 36 states is the only national museum telling the stories of the people of America’s rivers.

Peter Fanchi, Jr.

Honored in 1992

Peter Fanchi, Jr. worked diligently to bring the benefits of inland water transportation to the American public and consumers. He served as president of Nilo Barge Lines, which was owned by Olin Corporation.

He then succeeded the legendary Captain A.C. (Connie) Ingersoll as president of Federal Barge Lines, then one of the major barge lines on the rivers. In 1958, Federal Barge Lines christened the United States, at 8,500 horsepower the largest and most powerful towboat on the waterways system.

While serving as Federal Barge Lines’ president, Mr. Fanchi was chairman of the executive committee of the Water Transport Association as well as trustee of the Ohio Valley Improvement Association and chair of the St. Louis Port Commission.

Mr. Fanchi is a diplomat for the river. He is a frequent speaker at symposiums on transportation, a volunteer at the Hermann T. Pott National Inland Waters Library at the Mercantile Library in St. Louis, and a representative of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, encouraging students to pursue a career in the river transportation industry.