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National Rivers Hall of Fame Inductees

Hall of Fame inductees are the pioneers, explorers and artists in America's river history. They were movers and shakers from the days gone by and the recent past. These men and women made significant contributions related to America’s rivers, which is why we honor them.


The Artists, Writers, and Musicians

Fate Marable

Inducted in 2002

Born in 1890 in Paducah, KY and died in 1947 in St. Louis, MO. From 1907 on, Fate worked continuously on the Mississippi riverboats, performing and forming jazz bands for these excursions and for various nightclub appearances. In the period between the two World Wars, some of America’s finest jazzmen worked in his bands. Stars such as Pops Foster, Emmanuel Perez, Al Morgan, Louis Armstrong, and a host of others got their start with Fate’s orchestras. A noted pianist, Fate also played the Steam Caliope, an instrument that got so hot he actually had to wear gloves when performing.