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River Museum receives funding from area foundations

Dubuque County Historical Society and its National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium are pleased to announce that it received several grant awards from area foundations in support of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, equity, and accessibility initiatives. The River Museum is committed to making broad-spectrum improvements to create a contemporary environment that is inherently dynamic, accessible, equitable, inclusive, and relevant to all visitors.

Andersen Corporate Foundation and Andersen Corporation, Dubuque Plant awarded the River Museum $5,000 in funding in support of STEM educational curriculum development for the museum’s River of Innovation Maker Space, slated to open in summer 2020. This project brings together schools, high learning institutions, experts in the STEM fields, and museum staff to create an immersive learning space that intends to strengthen the Dubuque community.

Dubuque Racing Association (DRA) awarded the River Museum $10,000 to support the installation of automated doors in an effort to advance equitable and inclusive accessibility to the museum boatyard and outdoor exhibits. DRA provided 145 local organizations with $1,125,422 in funding support in 2019.

John Deere Foundation awarded the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium $50,000 in funding to support the creation of a design-based educational model for the River Museum’s new permanent exhibit, River of Innovation. Funding will also provide equitable access by underwriting the museum’s Everybody’s Museum Membership program for the underserved and bus grants for field study. John Deere Foundation provides annual funding opportunities to organizations in their home communities who are aligned with the foundation’s strategic goal to be a catalyst for positive global change by providing educational empowerment through equity.

US Bank Foundation has provided $2,000 in funding to support the STEM educational model for River of Innovation Maker Space that will reiterate connected learning and support engagement that is interest-driven, socially relevant, and aimed at providing accessible and equitable educational opportunity. Key to this project is the development of a purposeful curriculum created through an integrated learning partnership with the Dubuque Community School District.

Funding from these community-focused foundations support the Dubuque County Historical Society’s mission to inspire stewardship by creating educational experiences where history and rivers come while advancing its vision to become the world’s leader in interpreting and protecting the life, history and culture of our rivers, and to create a more global, knowledgeable, and engaged citizen.