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River Museum to host Spring Break Day Camps

The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium will host spring break day camps during the week of March 16 in conjunction with the Dubuque Community School District’s spring break.

Kindergarten through fifth grade students are invited to engage in different themed experiences each day. Crafts, animal encounters, and experiences throughout the River Museum are incorporated in each camp. Half day and full day sessions are available with wrap-around care provided at no additional charge.

Registration for spring break day camps is available through March 6 at Half-day rates start at $35 per day and full-day rates start at $60. Discounts are available for members of the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium as well as for students who attend a full week of half day or full day sessions. Parents are able to utilize childcare or dependent-care credits for day camp programs; however, additional documentation may  be necessary.

Themes for spring break day camps are as follows:

Monday, March 16: Back from the Brink of Extinction
Join us behind the scenes and meet endangered animal species our River Museum keepers and aquarists work to save every day. Then we’ll use citizen science, a tool world biologists use to save species, to do our own research and turn back time to explore how we could save other species from extinction.

Tuesday, March 17: Invasion of the Species Snatchers
Protect the planet from the invasion of species snatchers! Invasive animals and plants may appear harmless, but they have the power to take over and destroy other species and our ecosystem. Learn about their tactics and prepare yourself for battle.

Wednesday, March 18: Water Masters
Water is a life source for us, animals, and plants. Helping it stay healthy helps us all. Come and explore water ecosystems through visiting our wetlands and aquariums. Learn how you can become a hero for water and Earth!

Thursday, March 19: Mission Possible
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to identify animal tracks, furs, and smells. Learn survival tactics, train to identify your natural surroundings, and come up close and personal with live animals. This program will prepare campers with the powers to be an adventurous, investigative explorer of our world. 

Friday March 20: Green is Power! 
Conquer one-time-use plastics and materials to help save the planet! Together, we will channel our powers of imagination, innovation, and creativity to transform materials destined for the landfill into meaningful creations. The world is counting on us to make a difference!