Virtual Programs
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Virtual Programs

Museum at Home: Virtual Programs

Can't make it to the museum? No worries! Bring the museum to your home through Museum at Home, a virtual learning series featuring a wide variety of subjects!

Each program is approximately 30 minutes in length with an additional 15 minutes for Q&A. Managed through the Zoom platform, participants will be able to interact with the presenter through chat and Q&A features. Best of all, all programs are FREE!

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Animal Dating
Feb. 16  |  7 p.m.

Animal Dating Virtual Program    

Join our animal care staff to learn more about how animals “date” and some of our captive breeding efforts.

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Cold-Blooded Midwesterners
March 23  |  7 p.m.

Cold-Blooded Midwesterners Image, Amphibian    

Join one of our keepers as we discuss a few of the reptile and amphibian species found in the Midwest. A few of our ambassador animals will join us live!

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Backyard Conservation
April 20  |  7 p.m.

Backyard Conservation Virtual Program    

Join our Curator of Conservation to learn more about Monarch SAFE and other actionable conservation projects you can support in your own backyard.

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Bustles to Bonnets
March 9  |  7 p.m.

Bustles to Bonnets Virtual Program    

Join our Historic Site Coordinator to learn more about how people in the Victorian Era dressed.

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Hometown Home Runs
April 6  |  7 p.m.

Hometown Home Runs Virtual Program    

We will explore Dubuque County's baseball history including the Dubuque Packers and the Field of Dreams.

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