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Distance Learning

Live Distance Learning Programs

The River Museum is now offering a new way to experience the Museum through distance learning! Join our staff as we present virtual programs, live from the River Museum, to your participants. Distance learning options are presented using Zoom. We are also happy to adjust our programming to meet your age group and requirements.

Distance Learning Details
  • One hour live programs are $125 for the first hour.
  • Additional one hour live programs are available for $60 per program and must be the same program on the same day as the first hour program.
  • Programs will consist of about 40 minutes of live content, followed by a live question and answer time.
  • Maximum number of registrations is 90

Program Options

Chose from the following list of unique options!

Rockin' Reptiles (Grades K-6th)

Join an educator from the River Museum and explore the world of reptiles! Learn about some of their amazing adaptations and the important roles they play in nature. A few live animals will join us.

Imagine Your Story (Grades K-2nd)

Stories of fantasy often weave myths and legends around animals, leading to some misconceptions. During this program, we will sort fact from fiction, while meeting live animals up close!

Turtles (Grades K-2nd)

What has a shell and is covered in scales? If you guessed a turtle, you are correct! Learn all about these animals by meeting some live turtles.

Mississippi River Life (Grades K-5th)

Explore the animals found in the Mississippi River watershed by looking at skulls, furs and live animals!

Are You Smarter than an 8th Grader? (For adult audiences)

Learn more about one-room school houses and early education. Then we'll put the audience to the test by taking an 8th grade graduation exam from the 1850’s. It may be harder than you think!

To book your group, please contact the Museum & Aquarium at (563) 557-9545 ext. 213 or (800) 226-3369 or email Melissa Wersinger at


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