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Historic Preservation Awards

Historic Preservation Awards

The annual Historic Preservation Awards are given by the Dubuque County Historical Society in partnership with the Dubuque County Historic Preservation Commission. The awards are announced as part of Dubuque Main Street’s Architecture Days programming in April.  The awards honor recent exterior preservation and restoration of properties throughout Dubuque County.

The Historic Preservation Awards have been presented annually since 1975. Awards presented in the last five years can be found on this page. For information on previous awards, contact the Dubuque County Historical Society at 563-557-9545.


Eligible historic properties must be located within Dubuque County. Properties should be at least 50 years old and are reviewed on criteria such as exterior construction materials; fenestration (windows); architectural details appropriate to the original design of the building; compatibility of the color scheme; alterations or additions to the structure; and appropriateness of the surrounding grounds to the original design of the building.

Property owners can nominate their own buildings, or nominations can be submitted on behalf of neighbors, friends, and others who have researched and thoughtfully restored an historic property. Past honorees have been located in Cascade, Dubuque, Dyersville, Farley, Sherrill, and other Dubuque County communities.

The winning properties are honored at an awards ceremony as part of Dubuque Main Street’s annual Architecture Days celebration.

Nomination Process

To nominate a property for the awards, complete the electronic form below or mail nomination content to the HIstoric Preservation Awards, Dubuque County Historical Society, 350 E. 3rd St., Dubuque, Iowa 52001. For questions, email

The deadline for 2022 award nominations is Jan. 10, 2023. Nominations after this date will be considered for 2023 awards.

Nomination Form
Nomination Content
  • Names of owners
  • Address
  • Basic information about the restoration
  • Historical significance of the property
  • Property photos

Award Winners


The Smith Family Barn
20922 Asbury Rd., Durango
Owner: Jack Smith

The William Ryan House
1389 Locust St., Dubuque
Owners: Patricia Michel

1084 West 3rd Street
Owners: James Campbell


Smith Family Barn







The Smith Family Barn

20922 Asbury Rd., Durango
Owner: Jack Smith

The barn, owned by Jack & Maria Smith, was built in 1917 by Jack’s grandfather, Joseph Smith. The construction was done by Jack Brehm when he was only 26 years old. The barn is noteworthy for its remarkable condition, including the rooftop ventilation cupolas, intact interior framing details, and lovely decorative elements painted white around the windows. Smith and his family are still actively farming there, and this barn is used for calving. Jack and Maria’s sons, Ted and Nick, are the sixth to operate this farm. They received the Heritage Farm recognition in 2015 for keeping the farm in their family for 150 years.

The William Ryan House







The William Ryan House
1389 Locust St., Dubuque
Owners: Patricia Michel

This grand Italian villa style mansion was built by William "Hog" Ryan on the corner of Locust Street and Loras Boulevard in Dubuque in 1872. Ryan, the most prominent meat packer in Dubuque, was originally from Galena and was a close friend of Ulysses S. Grant. His wife Ann and their seven children lived in the 1389 Locust Street mansion, but Ann died at the age of 43 in 1872. 

Over the years, the apartments have undergone many changes as well as extensive improvements. Exterior work began in 2017 and continued through 2019. The house has been, and will continue to be, a work in progress. Throughout the 27 years of Patricia Michel’s ownership, they have continued to uphold this property as a significant historical landmark. Plans are now in the works for additional lighting, masonry work, roofing work, concrete repair, and landscaping.

1084 West 3rd Street
Owners: James Campbell

The Ada Langworthy and Robert H. Collier House is in Dubuque’s Langworthy Historic District. The residence was designed by Dubuque architect John Keenan, the same architect who drew up plans for St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. The building is a beautiful example of Italianate design, with a large and well-lit entrance under a substantial wrap-around porch, and a trademark roof with inset eaves and rake that are decorated by wood brackets.

Ada was the daughter of Lucius Langworthy who was appointed as the first sheriff of Dubuque and the director of the Dubuque and Sioux City Railroad. Ada, born in 1843, was a student at Catherine Beecher’s female seminary located at the corner of 17th Street and Heeb Street. Ada was well known for her writings, such as Lilith, The Legend of the First Woman, a feminist interpretation of the biblical figure Lilith that was reprinted in 2016. Robert Collier, who was Ada’s husband, was also well known locally as the director of the First National Bank of Dubuque and the Novelty Iron Works.


DUPACO VOICES, LLC, 1000 Jackson ST, Dubuque 
Owners: Carol and Tom Olberding

The Metz Manufacturing Company, 1690 Elm ST, Dubuque
Owners: Metx LLC

Marita Theisen Childcare Center, 1585 White ST, Dubuque
Owners: Steeple Square

2622 Broadway, Dubuque 
Owners: Burley Family

200 1st Ave, Cascade
Owners: Farmers Merchant State Bank

1072 Locust St, Dubuque 
Owners: Kevin an Janice Esser


Textile Brewing Company, 146 2nd Street NE, Dyersville
Owners: Carol and Tom Olberding

St. Clement's Catholic Church, Bankston

1070 Melrose Terrace, Dubuque
Owners: Derrick and Lindsey Ward

1675 Jackson, Dubuque
Owner: Alex Eichstadt

800 Johnson Street NW, Cascade
Owners: Gary & Patricia Steffen

UpCycle Dubuque, 1838 Central Ave., Dubuque
Owners: Craig and Kristina Beytien


Dimensional Brewing Co., 67 Main St., Dubuque.
Owner: Jeff Burds and Tom Rauen.

Four Mounds, Housing Education and Rehabilitation Training Program (HEART), 396 W. Locust Street, Dubuque.

2545 Jackson Street, Dubuque.
Owners: Berry Henkel & Brenda Bartels-Henkel.

Steeple Square Tower and Steeple Restoration, Dubuque.
John Schmidt, President of the Board of Directors.

253 Main Street, Dubuque.
Owner: Ned Oberbroekling.

St. Martin Church, Cascade, IA.


Bryant School, 1280 Rush Street, Dubuque
Owner: Dubuque Community School District

208 3rd Ave., Farley
Owner: Lair Tienter

1501 Jackson Street, Dubuque
Owner: Steeple Square

1710 Jackson Street, Dubuque
Owner: Community Housing Initiatives

1020 Bluff Street, Dubuque
Owner: Douglas and Michelle Schlarman


Hempstead Barn  
Mike Kearney

Junkermann Pine Chapel, Friends of the Mines of Spain 
Gerda Preston-Hartman and Friends of the Mines of Spain

Christoph Stone House, Dyersville 
Dyersville Area Historical Society

1631-1633 Main Street, Dubuque 
Joe O’Donnell/INDIGO-Main LLC

1323-1325 Bluff Street, Dubuque 
Susan Kearns and David Luchsinger

1838 Central Ave., Dubuque 
Dubuque Main Street


Café Fraiche, 609 E. 22nd Street   
Patricia Smith

1924 N. Main Street   
Charles & Patricia Brimeyer

2691 University Avenue   
Michelle & Milt McClanahan

Kaufman Barn, 6206 Streff Road, Rural Dubuque County   
Nancy & Paul Kaufman

Memorial Building, 340 1st Avenue E, Dyersville   
City of Dyersville


320 1st Avenue West, Cascade   
City of Cascade

14738 Old Highway Road   
Gary & Mary Jo Anderson

1763 Central Avenue   
Stephen High

20232 Girl Scout Road   
Dr. John Whalen

6632 Melleray Circle, Peosta   
New Melleray Abbey


74 South Grandview   
Paul Kern

2048 Avalon  
Kathleen Grimme

196 Bluff Street   
Joseph & Suzanne Bernardi

202 1st Street Northwest, Farley   
Farley Commercial Club

109 First Avenue, Cascade   
James & Lynn Conlin


105 2nd Avenue Southwest, Farley
Bill & Mary Jo Einwalter

3087 Central Avenue
Jeff & Mindy Stiles

301 1st Avenue East, Dyersville
American Trust & Savings Bank

1805 Central Avenue
Dubuque Bank & Trust and the Community Development Corporation

207 Pierce Street, Cascade
City of Cascade

300 Lincoln Street, Cascade
City of Cascade


104 5th Street, Dyersville   
Dave & Joan Kramer

White House, Four Mounds, Dubuque   
Four Mounds

1245 Grove Terrace   
Dave & Joan Noon

24909 Route 52N, Holy Cross   
Harold & Darlene Schieltz


208 1st Street Southeast, Farley   
Irene & Larry Sherrman

203 3rd Street Southwest, Dyersville  
Dan & Joyce Willenborg

12871 Circle Ridge Road, Peru Township   
Elisabeth Henkels

700 Locust Street  
Roshek Building Qalicb (City of Dubuque)

Shiras Avenue (Eagle Point Park)   
City of Dubuque

351 Winona Street   
Cory & Casey Thein


216 Clarke Drive (Clarke Manor)   
Taylor & Barbara Walter

200 Main Street (Hotel Julien Dubuque)   
Tony Pfohl

800 Main Street (Security Building)   
Cottingham & Butler Insurance Inc.

342 Main Street (German Bank)   
Gronen Restoration & Michael Steele

5259 South Mound Road, Sherrill  
Mark Maiers

600 Tower Street (Dubuque Star Brewery)    
Chad Walsh


515 First Avenue West, Dyersville   
Ron & Donna Huberty

1108 Locust Street    
Lenore Nesler, Naughty Dog Coffee Bar & Deli

1105 Locust Street   
Stephen J. Scheckel, Clyde P. & Deborah O. Overturff

301 Second Avenue Southeast, Farley   
Duane & Sharon Petsche

584 West 11th Street   
Keith Roberts

10985 West 3rd Street   
Brad Chalmers

470 West 4th Street   
Susan Farber, The Red House Gallery


620 Clarke Drive   
Dan & Joan Rannals

1789 Elm Street   
Washington Court Building

342 Main Street  
Silver Dollar Cantina

24219 North Bankston Road, Bankston   
Brian & Lisa Wolf

2136 North Main Street   
Christian Smith

845 Southern Avenue   
Karen VanderMillen

541 West Third Street   
Paul & Ronda Kirkegaard


480 Arlington Street   
Trish McDonald

315-321 Bluff Street   
Alan Arzu

315 First Avenue East, Cascade   
Michael & Lynn Noonan

1000 Block Main Street   
John & Mary Gronen (Gronen Restoration)

390 North Hill Street   
Jim & Jo Edwards

28888 Wente Road, Farley   
Ralph & Mildred Wente

719 West Third Street   
Don McMullen (Delta Construction Services)


2728 Asbury Road   Fountain Park

632 Chestnut Street   Dr. & Mrs. Peter Alt

224 First Avenue West, Dyersville   Phillis & Ron March

217 State Street   Gene & Melissa Kramer

135 West 8th Street    Grand Opera House


1398 Central Avenue   Heartland Financial USA, Inc.

590 Fenelon Place   Brad & Shirley Brown

137 Main Street   Platinum Building

346 North Grandview   Bill & Tammy Pfab

316 3rd Avenue Southwest, Dyersville    Joan Cueno

209 West Main Street   Brian & Teresa Murray

1075 West 3rd Street   Rosemarie Bueher & Anita Kopp


717 5th Avenue Southeast, Dyersville    Joann & Larry Olberding

1155 Grove Terrace   William P. Alfredo

261 Main Street   Robert T. McCoy

378 Main Street   Clark W. Wolff (Pepper Sprout)

555 West 11th Street   Kevin T. & Mary Lee Kane


604 9th Avenue Southwest, Dyersville   Dr. Randall Ressler & Sue Boyum

1515 Atlantic Street    Ann Hoch

1192 Locust Street   Patricia Kelly

1212 Locust Street   Mr. & Mrs. Ken Buesing

299 Main Street   Mr. & Mrs. Greg Prehm/Mr. & Mrs. Scott Neuwoehner

835 Main Street   Mr. & Mrs. John Butler

2108 North Main Street   Mark & Susan DeCrane


Fifth & Bluff Streets    Paula R. & Clarence J. May III

1208 First Avenue East, Cascade    Virginia Knepper

1491 Main Street   Kathleen Conlon, Kevin & Nancy Conlon

1095 Mount Pleasant   Ed & Ruth Gansemer

2704 Ventura Drive    Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Murphy


1380 Auburn Street   Carrie & Nicholas Schrupp III

2441 Broadway Street    Kevin & Wendi Eipperle

1090 Langworthy Street   Paul & Pam Peckosh

1000 Main Street   Alliant Energy

1005 Main Street   Gary & Kathleen Jensen

11390 North Cascade Road   John & Cheryl Whalen

180 South Booth Street    Mark Oppdahl


230 Alpine Street   Vincent & Karen Leslein

345-347 Bluff Street   Kathy & Lynne Mangrich

1611 Main Street   Donald & Kathy Shine

11 Main Street   Jack Thompson

3035 Pennsylvania   Jim Walsh

231 West 2nd Street   Fredrick Bakey

2320 West Street   Michael & Cathy Nolan


1090 Grove Terrace   Carmen Hernandez & Peter Sziebel

333 Villa Street   Dr. & Mrs. James A. Pearson

151 West 8th Street    The Security Building


1129 Center Place   Lloyd & Barb Harrington

1207 Grove Terrace   Jeff & Janet Mozena

29093 Hawkins Road, Cascade   Michael & Kathy Gravel

1245 Highland Place   Dr. & Mrs. Donald Mueller

1337 Main Street   Hellen Darvey


2609 Broadway   Thomas & Cinda Welu

1033 Melrose Terrace   Tom & Marguerite Shea

189 St. Mary’s Street   Bruce & Bev Oestreich

1036 West 3rd Street   Chuck & Sally Naylor


800 1st Avenue West, Cascade   Curt & Lisa Miller

338 Hill Street   Randy & Kris Nauman

198 Main Street   Duaine& Jane Greenfield

160 South Grandview   Mike Gibson & Teresa Eckhart

596 West 11th Street   Steve & Joan Efkin


331 1st Avenue East, Dyersville   Dyer- Botsford House (D.A.H.S.)

525 5th Avenue SW, Dyersville   Tom & Joan Boeckenstedt

581 Clarke Drive   Roger & Sue Hanselmann

1295 Highland Place   Jim Shade

90 Main Street   Pamela Gleichman


643 Chestnut   Mr. & Mrs. Steve Gulick

469 Emmett Street   Marty McNamer & Darryl Mozena

1172 Main Street   Mr. & Mrs. John Loes

6091 Ryan Road, Peosta   Heather & Craig Takes

330 West 5th Street   Carrie Breitbach

689 West Locust Street   Mr. & Mrs. Tom Puls


1408 Delhi Street   Mr. Gene Lund

1083 Grove Terrace   Ms. Sue Wilke

1203 Grove Terrace   Dr. & Mrs. John Whalen

350 West 9th Street   Pasta O’Shea’s


105 4th Avenue, Farley   Mr. Phillip Locher

1497 Central Avenue   Mr. & Mrs. Louis LuGrain

130 Freemont Avenue   Mr. & Mrs. Greg Carew

2615 Hillcrest Road   Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bitter

7594 Sundown Road   Mr. & Mrs. Roger Kurt


1715 Alta Vista   Mr. & Mrs. Tom Schmeichel

205 Bluff Street  Cathedral Square

205 Bluff Street   D. Crosby, D. Davison, L. Greenwald

1295 Grove Terrace   Mr. & Mrs. Doug Spyrison

250 Hill Street   Mr. & Mrs. Greg Schuetz

470 South Grandview   Mr. & Mrs. Tom Wertz


504 3rd Avenue SE, Dyersville   Mr. & Mrs. Ira Fendall

484 Central Avenue   Mr. Mark Eisbach

835 South Grandview   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Clark

2452 Stafford   Mr. Gary Schubert

195 West 17th Street   Mr. & Mrs. T.C. Ersepke


703 2nd Avenue SE, Dyersville   Becky & John Nichol

467-469 Bluff Street   Fischer Companies

1105 Grove Terrace   Jim & Julie Gross

2250 Jackson Street  Gilbert Nadermann

2898 Washington Street   Paul & Sandy Meyer


1985 Alta Vista   Mrs. Henry Anna Willging

Loras Boulevard   Hoffmann Hall (Loras College)

1555 Main Street   Arnie Kamp & Moke Portzen

390 North Grandview   Siegert Funeral Home (Ed Siegert)

11216 Sundown Road   Martin Kramer


1543 Central Avenue   Ron Markus

195 Freemont Avenue   David Kreig

1125/1133 Highland Place   John Whalen

1815 Loras Boulevard   Bernard Fox

342 Main Street   Donna Ginter

393 North Grandview   Alice & Dick Kelly


690 Fenelon Place   Marty McNamer

Fifth & Bluff   Redstone Inn

2105 Foye Street   James Bainbridge

253 Main Street   Mr. & Mrs. Jack Thompson

356 Main Street   Guy Gard

378 Main Street   Chung Lim Gee


U.S. Hwy 151   Sisters of Charity

U.S. Hwy 52   Pin Oak Tavern

1072 West 3rd Street   Paul Fitzgerald


2001 Alta Vista   James J. Klauer

Cascade, Iowa   Rev. Thomas Bisenius

2221 Francis Street   Richard C. Clark

863 West 5th Street   Ed Mitvalsky


1398 Central Avenue  Dubuque Bank & Trust Co.

55 East 15th Street  Mr. & Mrs. Tom Kane

Epworth, Iowa  Divine Word Seminary

1433 Main Street  Mrs. Frank Fox

95 South Algona Street  Nancy Welu & Mary Murphy

University Avenue  Old Chapel (University of Dubuque)

333 Wartburg Place  Wartburg Theological Seminary

900 West 3rd Street  Terry Mozena

495 West 5th Street  Mr. & Mrs. John Gorsuch


18th Street  Fire Station

375 Alpine Street  Dubuque Women’s Club

880 Central Avenue  Hendricks Feed Store

2461 Central Avenue  Mrs. Ray Nagele

491 College Street  Phyllis Runde

41 Main Street  Molo Oil Company

448 Summit Street  Mr. & Mrs. Mike Kronfeldt

636 West 11th Street  Mr. & Mrs. Edward Zenner

116 West 13th Street  Mr. Miles Conway

252-278 West 17th Street  Walnut Grove Apartments

830 West 3rd Street   Jim Grant


409 Bluff Street  Terry Mozena

1100 Center Place  Mary Lehnhoff

512 Fenelon Place  Dorothy Huntoon

2520 Jackson Street  Richard Dausener

Junkerman Chapel  Lyon’s Preserve

713 Lincoln Avenue  Donald March

1257 Locust Street  Jessie McIntyre Realtors

201 Loras Boulevard  Sprengelmeyer & Henkels Offices

898 Mount Carmel Street  Robert Mattox

1209 Prairie Street  Abby McDonald Dancer

1520 West 3rd Street  David F. Radolff

491 West 4th Street Fourth Street Law Offices

Farmhouse – Zwingle, Iowa  Daryl Van Natta


4th & Bluff Streets  Sue Kunnert,  Jane Price,  Audrey Wallis

8th Street & Central Avenue  Dubuque County Jail

2509 Broadway Street  Mr. & Mrs. Christian Anderson

360 Bryant Street  Mr. & Mrs. Donald Turn

2498 Central Avenue  Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Bries

2015 Loras Boulevard  Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Kane

822-824 Rhomberg Avenue  Mr. & Mrs. Carl Thoman

Route #3, Dubuque  Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Scremin

2558 University Avenue  Mrs. Carl Clarke

550 West 8th Avenue  F&S State Farm Insurance

2537 Windsor Avenue  Mrs. Virginia Kisting


560 West 11th Street  Mr. & Mrs. John Tigges

1042 West 3rd Street  Dr. & Mrs. David Kapp

606 West Locust Street  Miss Barbara Osborne

2735 Windsor Avenue  Linwood Cemetery Office


345 Main Street  Herb Klinkhammer

Peosta, Iowa  Mr. & Mrs. Philip McDonald

2401 Queen Street  Mr. & Mrs. Charles Reisen

Rural Sherrill, Iowa  Mr. & Mrs. George P. Klein

900 West 3rd Street  Mrs. Richard Bissell


Farley, Iowa   Mr. & Mrs. Martin Fessler

565 Fenelon Place  Mr. & Mrs. David Benoy

360 Kaufmann Avenue  Mr. & Mrs. Louis Scheppele

701 Lincoln Avenue  Mr. & Mrs. James Guns

1005 Lincoln Avenue Bethany Home

465 Loras Boulevard Mr. & Mrs. Edward Zenner

405 Main Street Five Flags Theatre

1605 Prescott Street  Mr. & Mrs. Donald Coleman

Sherrill, Iowa  Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Hammerand

248 West 11th Street  Mr. & Mrs. Gene Sullivan


800 English Lane   Mrs. Roseanne Wiedner

215 Freemont Avenue  Mr. & Mrs. Jack Thompson

596 Loras Boulevard  Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kronfeldt

1296 Mt. Pleasant Street  Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Heald

Route #3, Dubuque  Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Johnson

535 West 5th Street  Dr. & Mrs. Earl Steininger