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This page is intended to provide you with educational history, science and conservation content from the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium and Mathias Ham Historic Site. Links have also been provided to resources from other museums, zoos and aquariums.

Come back regularly as we plan to add content during this time of social distancing!

If it is within your means, we hope you'll continue to support our efforts during this unprecedented time for our non-profit. Whether you purchase tickets for a future visit, buy a membership, or donate a few dollars, your support will provide for the care and well-being of our animals during the closure.


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Delta Broadcast Feeding and Enrichment

Ideas to continue the conversation:

  • Similar to you, Stingrays have their favorite enrichment items. What are some of your favorite foods, toys, or games? How do they make your life or environment better?
  • Stingrays' mouths are on the underside of their body! Can you think of other animals like this? Click the button below to watch watch stingrays eat from another angle! 

How Stingrays Eat

Making Traditional Victorian Cornbread

Ideas to continue the conversation:

  • Why do you think Victorians and early settlers would have chose cornbread as a go-to dish?
  • Do you think the Victorian lifestyle in America was influenced by other countries? Check out Victorian recipes from the United Kingdom and see if you find any commonalities. 

 United Kingdom Victorian Recipes 

Discovering an Owl's Dinner

Ideas to continue the conversation:

  • Animals are all around us, even in the city. What are some clues in outside your home that could indicate an animal lives near? If you spot some clues, what animal do you think it may be? 
  • The more we observe an animal, the more we learn about it and its behavior. Take some time and check out the Barred Owl live cam provided by the folks at Cornell Lab. What are some behaviors you notice about this owl?

Barred Owl Live Cam

William M. Black: The Dustpan

Check out some footage of the William M. Black, while it was in operation in 1952!

William M. Black Video from 1952

The Snake-necked Turtle

Ideas to continue the conversation:

  • The snake-necked turtle is a carnivore. What other animals are carnivores?
  • Do you know of any other long-necked creatures? The snake-necked turtle uses its neck to stay buried in the sand from predators, why do you think these other animals have long necks?

Beavers and their Mississippi River Impact

Ideas to continue the conversation:

  • What are some items around your home that could be used to build a dam-like structure? 
  • Can you think of other animals with adaptations that allow them to perform strong feats? 

Yellow Stingray Training

Ideas to continue the conversation:

  • What are some different rewards you may get for completing a task or chore around your home?
  • As you grow older, how might those tasks and rewards change or evolve? 

Feeding the Gill Rakers

Ideas to continue the conversation:

  • These creatures are cartilaginous, which means their structure is formed from hard tissue instead of bones. What parts of the human body are made up of cartilage? 
  • The Paddlefish uses its paddle to sense objects, animals, and food around its body. How do we as humans use our senses to discover what's around us?

Ice Harvesting

Ideas to continue the conversation:

  • How would life be different without your refrigerator or freezer? 

  • How long do you think a block of ice would last in an ice box? Do a Web search and find out!

Corn Snake Enrichment

Ideas to continue the conversation:

  • Corn snakes are native to what area of the Mississippi River watershed? Do a Web search and find out!

  • Learn about other animals at the River Museum here!

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