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Museum & Aquarium awarded grant for new outreach vehicle

With the help of the Dubuque Racing Association, The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium will introduce a new educational outreach program later this summer. This program will offer museum visitors the opportunity to engage with sea life as it applies to the Mississippi River Delta and Gulf of Mexico. “We have seen over 9,500 outreach program participants and anticipate, with the help of the Dubuque Racing Association’s grant, that number will grow to 15,000,”... Read More
at Friday, June 8, 2018

Otis on a Mission

The Six-banded Armadillo is part of an Association of Zoos and Aquariums' (AZA) Species Survival Plan (SSP for short). The purpose of this SSP is to ensure a genetically diverse captive population to help conservationists learn about the species, breed the species, and be prepared to take what they learn to assist the wild population. “Otis” the Six-banded Armadillo was born at the Museum & Aquarium in 2014. Being an Armadillo in Iowa, “Otis”... Read More
at Friday, May 25, 2018

DaVinci The Exhibition and Makers Faire unite

The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium will host its third annual Makers Faire on Saturday, June 9, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. “This event showcases artisan craftsmanship and highlights an era of history before machines could mass produce what we needed. It’s fascinating to see the skill, time, and labor that go into each and every project,” said Wendy Scardino, director of marketing and communications at the Museum & Aquarium. “It’s also a... Read More
at Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Museum & Aquarium unveils new website

The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium and its national outreach program Riverworks Discovery have launched two new websites to encourage exploration and provide an enhanced visitor experience. Supported, in part, through a grant from Travel Iowa, the new Museum & Aquarium website features a mobile-first design and more robust content and imagery for exhibits, historical information, and animals within the institution’s care. One of the website’s key features is... Read More
at Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Mathias Ham Historic Site opens with new activities and exhibits

The Mathias Ham Historic Site opens for the season on Saturday, May 26, and with it, new activities and a new exhibit. Master Illustrators: The artwork of Richard Herrmann and Cy Ferring will consist of original works and artifacts from the two artists that celebrate the connection between nature and art, along with our ability to understand both their beauty and importance to understanding history. The Site and exhibits will be open throughout Memorial Day weekend and then Wednesday... Read More
at Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Get Your "Passport" Stamped this Summer

The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium and Mathias Ham Historic Site, both Partner Sites within the Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage Area (SSNHA), are proud to announce they have been selected as a National Park Service (NPS) Passport Cancellation Stamp location. Beginning this month, both facilities will be placing a NPS Passport Cancellation Stamp at their location. A total of twenty-one SSNHA Partner Sites will have NPS Passport Cancellation Stamps... Read More

Explore the Mind of a Genius - DaVinci The Exhibition

An artist, scientist, engineer, poet, inventor, and visionary, the genius of Leonardo da Vinci has captivated audiences for centuries. This summer, Da Vinci: The Exhibition will take visitors on a journey of innovation, creativity and wonder at the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium. Da Vinci: The Exhibition will feature fully built, life-size recreations of da Vinci’s own inventions, including early designs for the helicopter, tank, SCUBA, crane, clock, and... Read More

Museum & Aquarium Successfully Breeds Endangered Newts

Your browser doesn't support video. Please download the file: video/mp4   The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium has successfully bred its Laos Warty Newts ( Paramesotriton laoensis ) for a third time in the institution’s history. This brightly colored amphibian became an almost instant target for collection by commercial traders for the pet trade after initially being described in a 2002 scientific journal. Illegal harvesting and habitat... Read More

Museum & Aquarium Mourns Loss of River Otter, Bart

The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium is sad to announce the loss of Bart, one of the Museum & Aquarium’s two beloved North American River Otters, on April 22, 2018. At the time of his death, Bart was approximately 18 years of age and one of the oldest of his species registered in an AZA-accredited facility. Bart lived a long life for his species, despite several health concerns including a neurological disorder that caused him to have periods of tremors and... Read More

Historic Preservation Award Winners Announced

The Dubuque County Historical Society’s Historic Preservation awarded the 2017 Historic Preservation Awards on Tuesday, April 10, at Millwork Marketplace as part of Dubuque Main Street's annual Architecture Days celebration. The Dubuque County properties receiving awards were chosen for their historic restoration and preservation efforts. Bryant School, 1280 Rush Street, Dubuque Owner: Dubuque Community School District Bryant Elementary School, originally known as... Read More
Posted by Wendy Scardino at Monday, February 26, 2018